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The enterprise of observing contract and valuing credit, by the way also is SZMA Association members and MinZhong organization of chamber of commerce members. Our company was established in April 1999. 


 We professional production filter including:, Powder Spraying, Wire Cut Machine, EDM, Workshop Purification, Smoke Purification, Oil mist purification, Suction Machine, Air Compressor, Car filter, Swimming Pool filter, Water Dispenser, Galvanization Factory, etc. And Heavy Machine(Rooter, Pile Hammer, Concrete Mix, etc). We also produce equipment accessories relate to Powder Spraying: (Rotary Wing, Venturi-tube Frame, Venturi-tube, Venturi-tube Steeve, Venturi-tube Explosion head, Venturi-tube Fan, Magnetic Valve), Floating Plank, Hardware mold, Hardware accessories, etc.  

Our Purpose:

“We promote Excellency & we are Excellent as we are the professional”

“We are Successful as we have good faith”

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TENSHOO Filter Company


Address:Min zong town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province in China,528441



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